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Exideal LED Beauty Therapy EX280 Pink
Exideal LED Beauty Therapy EX280 Pink
Exideal LED Beauty Therapy EX280 Pink


Exideal LED Beauty Therapy EX280


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Product Description

The Exideal LED Beauty Therapy EX280 is equipped with 280 LED lights. LED (light-emitting diode) is a semiconductor that illuminates a specific color (wavelength) of light. It is designed to deliver beautifying medical effect safely in the convenience of your own home.

LED Beauty Technology

LED light therapy proven to erase fine lines, stimulate collagen, treat acne and improve skin tone and clarity, this non-surgical aesthetic treatment is an essential ingredient in every skincare regime. It is gentle, non-invasive, painless and works for everyone no matter your age or skin tone. It also works seamlessly when combined with other treatments, such as RF and HIFU, making it one of the most versatile beauty solutions in the world.




• Reduce freckles
• Hydrates skin and improve skin elasticity
• Reduce sagging and wrinkles caused by collagen loss


How to use

• Hydrate a clean face or treatment area with your favorite lotion or cream.

• Place the Exideal LED Beauty Therapy device on a table and sit comfortably.

• Tilt the device at an angle where you can see your reflection from the mirror or directly facing the treatment area.

• The optimal distance between the device and your face or treatment area should be between 10cm to 30cm. 

• Sit comfortably and have the eyewear handy

• Choose one of the 10 available modes depending on your skin condition on the day

Mode ① and ② reduce fine lines and improve elasticity of the skin
Mode ③ and ④ treat adolescent skin problem care (Acne care)
Mode ⑤ and ⑥ hydrate skin and improve skin texture
Mode ⑦ for skin brightening, freckles removal
Mode ⑧ suitable for combination skin, where T-zone (forehead and nose) has excessive oil secretion
Mode ⑨ is a combination of different modes for Autumn and Winter 
Mode ⑩ is a combination of different modes for Spring and Summer 

• Before the light switches on, you will have 5 seconds to wear the protective eyewear prior to enjoying the 5 minutes LED therapy. 

• It is fine to do more than 1 mode of treatment daily. Each mode is 5 minutes. You should however not go over 30 minutes of treatment daily.


Caution: It is fine to select different modes of treatments. The LED should not be used more than 30 minutes a day. It is important to wear the protective eyewear during the LED treatment.


Warranty: 1 Year from purchase

Made in Japan


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Exideal LED Beauty Therapy EX280 Pink

Exideal LED Beauty Therapy EX280