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VIP Program

Enjoy special offers and year round 5%off on purchases after successfully qualified to be our VIP.

How to become THEA Home Beauty VIP?

  • Single purchase spent over HKD 4,000 OR
  • Yearly purchases spent over HKD 8,000


How can I enjoy 5% iscount on my online purchase(s)?
Enter discount code “VIP” to enjoy 5%off discount for online purchase(s).


每次購物可享全單九五折優惠並特享不定期的精選貨品折扣。如何成為 THEA Home Beauty VIP?
  • 單次購物滿HKD 4,000即自動成為永久VIP
  • 一年內購物滿HKD 8,000即自動成為永久VIP (日期由第一次購物開始計算)
輸入優惠碼”VIP” 以享受VIP的九五折優惠。