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Attibe ThinBe Mid-frequency Slimming Device Default Title
Attibe ThinBe Mid-frequency Slimming Device Default Title


Attibe ThinBe Mid-frequency Slimming Device


Product Description

It is a multi-purpose handheld cordless bodycare device for muscle stress relief and muscle-toning. Using Mid-frequency technology, the contraction and relaxation of muscle generate the same effect as 120 times sit-up when the device is used for 10 minutes in the abdominal area.

It offers 5 different modes (Soft/Had) for muscular motion, and LED therapy of 3 wavelengths (Blue 468nm - skin sterilization, Yellow 592nm - skin brightening, Red 638nm - skin elasticity improvement) for improved skin aesthetics.

The device is equipped with skin contact sensing and automatic power off function for your safety.

The ThinBe device's muscular massage and obesity control effects have been proven by SCI thesis and reseach.

Made in Korea. The package include 2 x 150ml Double Effect Body Massage Cream.


Electronic Muscle Stimulation(EMS) Beauty Technology

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) has become an increasingly popular technology in the cosmetics and fitness world thanks to its ability to slim, tone and tighten trouble spots such as your thighs, abdomen or arms. Relatively affordable and noninvasive, it proven to enhance fat loss and reduce cellulite when used as a supplement to a regular workout and nutrition regime.


  • Cordless handle design provides comfort and convenience when in use
  • Relief tired muscle - soft mode
  • Muscle-toning and effective slimming effect - hard mode
  • Suitable for use on abdomen, calf, thigh, arm area

How to Use & Frequency

  • Apply Double Effect Body Massage Cream on the skin of treatment area
  • Select desired mode, put the device in full contact of the skin
  • Apply slow circular movement for 5 to 10 mins
  • Can be used daily

: 1 Year

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Attibe ThinBe Mid-frequency Slimming Device