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BYOB Green Tea Detox Mask Default Title
BYOB Green Tea Detox Mask Default Title
BYOB Green Tea Detox Mask Default Title


BYOB 綠茶抗氧滋潤排毒面膜



綠茶一直被視為健康飲料,其養心寧神及抗氧化特性,深得大眾喜愛。這面膜含有超過40%濃度的綠茶活性成分,深度滋養肌膚,強力抵抗自由基的侵害, 排出毒素,減淡皺紋細紋, 並舒緩乾燥及過敏的不適感, 同時令肌膚綻放動人光采。除用作滲透面膜外,還可作睡眠面或混合底油及精油作按摩精華使用。

  • 主要成分及功效

    綠茶: 綠茶蘊含豐富的茶多酚如: 黃酮醇和兒茶素,具有超強的抗氧化能力,能保護細胞內的 DNA、蛋白質、脂質降解等不受傷害; 此外,能加強細胞的活力及壽命,延長肌膚青春及健康。

    海洋礦物: 注入海洋礦物,帶來豐富的微量元素,包括:鎂、鈉、鉀、 鐵及鈣,促進肌膚更新,同時強化肌膚,抵抗敏感。

    β-葡聚糖: 加入從燕麥提取的β-葡聚糖,能刺激巨噬細胞更活躍,保護肌膚,提升免疫力,減低過敏及抵抗有害物。與此同時,具有舒緩肌膚,降紅功效; 也能強健肌膚,恢復天然彈性,膚質變得嫩滑潤澤。

    透明質酸: 透明質酸是高度親水性物質,能夠儲存比自身重1000倍的水分,令肌膚更見飽滿,以及幫助其他成分滲透到皮膚底層。納米透明質酸鈉比普通透明質酸鈉更能滲透到肌底, 維持肌膚健康。

    多種維他命: 配方中加入多種維他命如: 維他命B3、維他命B5及維他命 E,加倍滋潤肌膚,提升抗氧化能力,鎮靜肌膚。

    其他成分: 水解膠原蛋白、聚合物、玉米糖膠、甲基乙基纤维素、乙 基己基甘油。

    無添加: 石油化學物、十二烷基硫酸鈉(SLS)、月桂醇 磺基乙酸酯(SLES)、矽衍生物、乙二醇、對羥基苯甲酸 酯、聚乙烯醇(PEGs)
  • 適合中性至乾性肌膚的深層修復和呵護面膜


5 毫升 x 15 件

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BYOB Green Tea Detox Mask Default Title

BYOB 綠茶抗氧滋潤排毒面膜

  • FAQ: Will I get tanned if I used LED mask?

    No. Tanning is caused by UV rays, they affect the melanin, a pigment in our skin that affects our skin color. UVA causes a tan by oxidating the melanin. LED therapy's spectrum of light does not include UV, there is no risk of damage and you won't get a tan.

  • FAQ: Is this LED mask cordless?

    No. The socket needs to be plugged into a power source. This is preferred over rechargeable type LED mask for 3 important reasons. One - it doesn't add the weight of a built-in battery. Two -the constant supply of electricity ensure stable light emission. Three - the life span of the wired LED device is much longercompared torechargeable battery.

  • FAQ: Is this LED mask safe to use?

    Yes. It is completely safe to use.
    The mask is made with a durable material called Polycarbonate (PC) which does not conduct electricity.
    Endorsed by world-renown estheticians and skin doctors, LED mask is a versatile and powerful skincare tool. There is a theoretical risk of eye injury if the user stares into the lights for an extensive length of time. However, this mask is fitted with an eye protector cushion to block off direct light to the eyes. The box comes with a separate wearable eye guard as well.

  • FAQ: Can I use this device when I travel?

    Yes. This product comes with a multi-voltage converter suitable for voltage input of 100-240V, 50/60Hz 0.8A. Included in the packing are the most common converters suitable for use in most countries around the world.