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Tsubu Night Pack for Milia & Wart Removal Default Title
Tsubu Night Pack for Milia & Wart Removal Default Title
Tsubu Night Pack for Milia & Wart Removal Default Title
Tsubu Night Pack for Milia & Wart Removal Default Title


Tsubu Night Pack 去眼部油脂粒夜間修護眼膜


它含有10種植物提取物,具有抗炎和修復功效。 它不僅可以去除油疙瘩和不需要的疣,還可以處理因紫外線引起的黑暗疙瘩。

  1. 首先,洗臉和毛巾擦乾, 確保油疙瘩和疣清潔乾淨。
  2. 擠出少量修護眼膜 ,塗抹在油疙瘩和疣 上,確保完全覆蓋。
  3. 當油疙瘩和疣乾涸時,輕輕取出或剝離。
  4. 為獲得最佳效果,請在睡覺前塗抹修護眼膜並放置一晚。

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Tsubu Night Pack for Milia & Wart Removal Default Title

Tsubu Night Pack 去眼部油脂粒夜間修護眼膜

  • FAQ: Will I get tanned if I used LED mask?

    No. Tanning is caused by UV rays, they affect the melanin, a pigment in our skin that affects our skin color. UVA causes a tan by oxidating the melanin. LED therapy's spectrum of light does not include UV, there is no risk of damage and you won't get a tan.

  • FAQ: Is this LED mask cordless?

    No. The socket needs to be plugged into a power source. This is preferred over rechargeable type LED mask for 3 important reasons. One - it doesn't add the weight of a built-in battery. Two -the constant supply of electricity ensure stable light emission. Three - the life span of the wired LED device is much longercompared torechargeable battery.

  • FAQ: Is this LED mask safe to use?

    Yes. It is completely safe to use.
    The mask is made with a durable material called Polycarbonate (PC) which does not conduct electricity.
    Endorsed by world-renown estheticians and skin doctors, LED mask is a versatile and powerful skincare tool. There is a theoretical risk of eye injury if the user stares into the lights for an extensive length of time. However, this mask is fitted with an eye protector cushion to block off direct light to the eyes. The box comes with a separate wearable eye guard as well.

  • FAQ: Can I use this device when I travel?

    Yes. This product comes with a multi-voltage converter suitable for voltage input of 100-240V, 50/60Hz 0.8A. Included in the packing are the most common converters suitable for use in most countries around the world.