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Rumi Radio Frequency Facial Device


Product Description

This lightweight handheld Rumi Facial Device combines 5 innovative technology to supercharge your skin in just 5 minutes daily, bringing you salon-grade result facial treatment at home.

This skin rejuvenation facial treatment can be done with your normal favorite serum or lotion.

After you apply your face serum or lotion, massage your face with Rumi to brighten skin tone, improve skin elasticity, treat acne or other skin inflammation (if any), enhance facial muscle strength, enhance skincare absorption. This 5 minutes treatment is comfortably warming.



1. RF
Radio Frequency treatment induces collagen generation through stimulating the dermis reviving elasticity of the skin.

2. Electroporation 
Electroporation creates microholes so that active & as much as lost stimulation of electromagnetization Electrical.

3. LED
Using Red, Blue and Yellow LED light therapy to aid skin damage repair and regeneration of new skin cells.
4. EMS
EMS penetrates the dermis stimulating muscles creating a passive workout for your face to strengthen facial muscles. 

5. Vibration

Vibration massage (12,000 times per minute) adds vitality to skin and helps skin to absorb active ingredients in your favorite skincare products. 



  • Improve skin's elasticity
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Brighten skin tone
  • Enhance skincare absorption
  • Result in more youthful and radiant look
  • USB chargeable


How to Use

Step 1) Apply serum or lotion on a clean face

Step 2) Select either mode 1 (mild), mode 2 (mid) or mode 3 (strong)

Step 3) Massage your face with Rumi

Step 4) Wipe the contact point of the device with a wet cotton pad or tissue paper

Areas to avoid: eyelids and the thyroid which lies below your Adam's apple. 


Facial technique video


Weight: 105g

Dimension: (W) 160mm x (L) 50mm x (H)30mm

Warranty: 3 months


This is a heat-based treatment so we do not recommend this to people with Rosacea or heavily inflamed skin with visible redness.

Do not use the device on the eyeballs/eyelids. Do not use the device on the Apple's apple/ thyroid area.

Just to be on the safe side, we do not recommend this to ladies who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Rumi Radio Frequency Facial Device