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Eosika IPL Hair Removal System Default Title
Eosika IPL Hair Removal System Default Title
Eosika IPL Hair Removal System Default Title
Eosika IPL Hair Removal System Default Title
Eosika IPL Hair Removal System Default Title


Eosika IPL Hair Removal System


Product Description

One of the latest releases in Korea. This Esoika IPL Hair Removal System is an efficient tool in removing all the unwanted body hair this Summer. It needs to be plugged into a power source for stable electricity supply but this means the handle is in it's lightest weight, for a comfortable full body hair removal treatment.

Not only will hair be removed instantly, after repeated use, hair will be removed permanently.

Intense Pulsed Light(IPL) Beauty Technology

IPL is safe, efficient, and increasingly affordable following the emergence of user-friendly and effective at-home devices in recent years. IPL varies when it comes to the light energy emitted to these wavelengths scatter within the skin, targeting the melanin pigment in hair follicles. The light heats the root of the hair (called the ‘bulb’) and the shaft, damaging the follicle and interrupting its growth cycle. In response, the follicle stops growing and eventually falls out. As treatments are repeated over time, the body begins to grow less hair in IPL-targeted areas – and eventually none at all.


  • Near painless hair removal method
  • Wide treatment window for speedy treatment
  • Permanently remove unwanted hair


How to Use & Frequency

1. Shave the treatment area where you intend to permanently remove hair.

2. Plug the cord and press the power button for 3 sec.

3. Put on the eye protector sunglasses (provided in the package)

4. Select the level if it is your firs time using it, start with level one and adjust upward as you go.

5. Put the device on target treatment area and press the flash button.

6. Do not flash the light on same area repeatedly.

7. You may observe slight redness or feel a warm sensation. The condition should improve within minutes.

8. Apply body lotion after treatment to keep skin hydrated. If necessary, you may apply ice pack to sooth your skin.


Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

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Eosika IPL Hair Removal System Default Title

Eosika IPL Hair Removal System