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Soma Body Slimming RF & Suction Device


Product Description

The latest and most effective cordless handheld slimming machine in the market equipped with Radio Frequency (RF, emission of high-frequency waves often used in hospitals for diet therapies, stimulating deep layers of fat under the skin), 3 levels of suction intensity and LED Light technology to reduce the size of stubborn fat cells and improve skin elasticity as you slim down.

The combination of RF function, Suction and LED light creates synergies and enhance the effectiveness of the fat burn process. 

When the machine is in a charging position, the UV lamp at the cradle base will disinfect the machine while charging.


Radio frequency(RF) Beauty Technology

RF is efficient and noninvasive, it is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that smooths wrinkles, boosts collagen (aka the building blocks of strong, healthy skin) and is particularly effective when it comes to extra-delicate skin, such as the area around the eyes. Easy to use at home, RF requires zip-zero downtime while providing long-lasting results.



Clinically proven results have shown waist measurement reduction within 1 month by10 mins usage daily.

Soma is shaped in a way for easy gripping. Operation is made simple with just tapping three buttons.

During the treatment, you feel a warm suction sensation, there is absolutely no discomfort at all.


How to Use & Frequency

It is recommended to use Soma daily for a minimum of 1 minute in each target area.

Step 1: Apply massage oil (included in the package)

Step 2: Press the On/Off Button, select the level of desired suction intensity. Place the machine on the target treatment area. 

Step 3: Glide to another treatment area after 1 minute.

It is normal to see redness on skin, the redness usually subsides within minutes.



Warranty: 3 months


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    Soma Body Slimming RF & Suction Device