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Deesse LED Phototherapy Face Mask Device Premium Pro Default Title
Deesse LED Phototherapy Face Mask Device Premium Pro Default Title
Deesse LED Phototherapy Face Mask Device Premium Pro Default Title
Deesse LED Phototherapy Face Mask Device Premium Pro Default Title
Deesse LED Phototherapy Face Mask Device Premium Pro Default Title
Deesse LED Phototherapy Face Mask Device Premium Pro Default Title
Deesse LED Phototherapy Face Mask Device Premium Pro Default Title
Deesse LED Phototherapy Face Mask Device Premium Pro Default Title
Deesse LED Phototherapy Face Mask Device Premium Pro Default Title


Deesse LED Phototherapy Face Mask Device Premium Pro


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Product Description

Free of chemicals and UV light, this Deesse LED Phototherapy Premium Pro harnesses the powerful LED technology to improve skin conditions. 

Originally designed to provide superior performance, flexibility and prolonged usage within the professional spa, medispa or clinical environment. This modular design makes the parts detachable for easy storage and portable enough to suit for use in the comforts of your home.

This is the latest version of Deesse LED Face Mask with 5 LED wavelengths offering 8 different precise treatment modes to suit different skin needs.

The mask provides effective phototherapy treatment at a safer and lower power as the face-shaped design ensures the LED lights are close to the face.

It is a 100% non-invasive, no downtime, no pain, no needle type of anti-aging treatment to achieve remarkable anti-aging results. It is also a great substitute for acne treatment especially if you want to avoid chemicals on the skin or oral intake.

LED lights facial assists sun damage healing, brightens your skin to achieve skin glow, works to alleviate pigmentation such as freckles, sun spots, brown patches, and liver spots. Its anti-inflammatory property calms irritated skin.

The LED lights send energy to the skin to increase blood circulation so that nutrients and oxygen can be supplied to the skin more efficiently, another beneficial effect of the energy sent to the deeper layer of the skin is the stimulation of collagen and elastin production, making skin appears more smooth and pores appear smaller. 


LED Beauty Technology

LED light therapy is proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, stimulate collagen, treat acne and improve skin tone and clarity. This non-surgical aesthetic treatment is an essential ingredient in every skincare regime. It is gentle, non-invasive, painless and works for everyone no matter your age or skin tone. It also works seamlessly when combined with other treatments, such as RF and HIFU, making it one of the most versatile beauty solutions in the world.

Science Behind Déesse LED Face Mask

The Déesse Premium Pro uses low-level light therapy (LLLT) to expose the skin to 5 wavelengths of light, delivered at a safe therapeutic dose, to stimulate a natural cellular response across 8 Treatment modes. There are a total of 770 LED lights installed onto the mask.

Each color LED light has a specific wavelength, hence you see a different color. Depending on the wavelength, the depth of penetration differs, causing different types of chemical reactions to happen at the cellular level subsequently causing different intracellular and intercellular reactions. This is why a single LED mask can cater to the needs of different skin goals.



The 8 Treatment modes:-

The Déesse Premium Pr

Mode 1 - Anti-aging, diminish signs of aging

  • Red light (pre-set at 15 mins, max daily usage 30 mins)

Mode 2 - Anti-Acne, oil-balance your skin

  • Blue light (pre-set at 10 mins, recommended time 10 mins)

Mode 3 - Pigmentation, soothe skin sensitivity

  • Yellow light (pre-set at 15 mins, max daily usage 30 mins)

Mode 4 - Detoxifying, brightens and evens out skin tone

  • Green light (pre-set at 15 mins, max daily usage 30 mins)

Mode 5 - Suitable for post-procedure use

  • Rotate between Red + Blue light (3 mins),  Red light (1 min),  Blue light (1 min) (Treatment pre-set at 15 mins, max daily usage 30mins)

Mode 6 - Congested Acne 

  • Rotate between Red + Yellow light (3 mins), Red light (1 min), Yellow light (1 min). (Treatment pre-set at 15 mins, max daily usage 30 mins)

Mode 7 - Sun Damage Repair

  • Rotate between Red + Green light (3 mins), Red light (1 min), Green light (1 min). (Treatment pre-set at 15 mins, max daily usage 30 mins)

Mode 8 - Inflammatory Acne

  • Rotate between Blue + Green light (3 mins), Blue light (1 min), Green light (1 min). (Treatment pre-set at 10 mins. Recommended time 10 mins.)



  • Safe for all skin types
  • Non-invasive, no-needle, no-pain, no application of chemical
  • No consumable, one device to be used years to come
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce acne and improve healing of acne
  • Improve skin texture, elasticity, improve sagging skin
  • Promote cell regeneration, help skin cells heal
  • Fade freckles, age spots, brown patches, even out skin discoloration
  • Boost blood circulation for a healthy skin glow

How to Use & Frequency



  1. Remove makeup, clean face, apply moisturizer, lotion (colorless), hyaluronic acids
  2. Connect Adaptor to Controller, connect Deesse LED Face Mask to Controller, connect Adaptor to a power source
  3. Press the "ON/OFF" button for 2 seconds
  4. Once the device is on, select the desired mode of treatment (Mode 1 to Mode 8) by pressing the "M" button.
  5. If you wish to adjust light intensity, press the "lightning" button.
  6. Press the "ON/OFF" button gently, the mask will light up
  7. Put on the eye guard and avoid directly looking into the LED lights for lengthy period
  8. Strap on the LED mask to your face or put the mask on your face while lying down comfortably
  9. The device will turn itself off automatically when the time is up or you can press the "ON/OFF" button if you wish to pause
  10. Finish off with another layer of skin lotion or pamper yourself with a moisturizing paper or gel mask.

We recommend using this Deesse LED mask 20 mins daily and no more than 30 mins a day. 3 to 4 times a week.

Once you observed visible results, reduce usage to 1 to 2 times weekly.


When do I see results


Immediately after the first treatment, you will observe more radiant, glowing skin.

Using it consistently for 4-6 weeks, you will observe improvement in wrinkles, more lifted skin, brightened even skin tone and improvement in acne condition.

Reduce usage to 1 to 2 times weekly thereafter to maintain the result, adjust the frequency as necessary.


Why did we choose it

Celebrity expert esthetician Shani Darden promises immediate results after a 20 minute home treatment and this mask has an impressive well-known Hollywood A-listers following.

The beautifying effect of LED light technology is proven by science. We tested this mask on our team. It really did work on different skin types.

We love how easy it is to operate and how one device can treat different skin concerns, meeting the needs of our skin at different times of the year.

Reputable manufacturer in Korea who supplies LED devices to hospitals. The use of medical-grade LED lights is important for safety concerns. The time-setting of each mode will automatically turn the device off when time is up.


How it feels


It doesn't hurt, there is almost no sensation. You may or may not notice a bit of brightness with closed eyes, all you'll feel is a tiny bit of warmth if any.


In the Packing

LED Face mask / power cord/  control box /protective eye guard/ user manual/ manufacturers warranty



10 years




Protect your vision by keeping your eyes closed and wearing the protective eye guard that's thoughtfully included in the package.

Avoid using acne medication (such as Accutane), whitening treatment, Retin A ointment, or any cosmetics containing retinol 7 days before use.

Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Whilst there is no known harmful effect of Phototherapy treatment, as a brand, we advocate safety above all so it's better to wait a little.

Keep it out of reach from children.

Store away from direct sunlight or areas with high temperatures and humidity.

Reduce frequency of use or intensity in the rare case of discomfort and consult a doctor if discomfort persists.



Q: Will I get tanned if I used LED mask?

A: No. Tanning is caused by UV rays, they affect the melanin, a pigment in our skin that affects our skin color. UVA causes a tan by oxidating the melanin. LED therapy's spectrum of light does not include UV, there is no risk of damage and you won't get a tan.

Q: Is this LED mask cordless?

A: No. The socket needs to be plugged into a power source. This is preferred over rechargeable type LED mask for 3 important reasons. One - it doesn't add the weight of a built-in battery. Two - the constant supply of electricity ensure stable light emission. Three - the life span of the wired LED device is much longer compared to the rechargeable battery type.


Q: Is this LED mask safe to use?

A: Yes. It is completely safe to use. 
The mask is made with a durable material called Polycarbonate (PC) which does not conduct electricity. 
Endorsed by world-renown estheticians and skin doctors, LED mask is a versatile and powerful skincare tool. There is a theoretical risk of eye injury if the user stares into the lights for an extensive length of time. However, this mask is fitted with an eye protector cushion to block off direct light to the eyes. The box comes with a separate wearable eye guard as well.


Q: Can I use this device when I travel?

A: Yes. This product comes with a multi-voltage converter suitable for voltage input of 100-240V, 50/60Hz 0.8A. Included in the packing are the following converters.

Deesse LED Face Mask International Converters

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Deesse LED Phototherapy Face Mask Device Premium Pro Default Title

Deesse LED Phototherapy Face Mask Device Premium Pro